The slugs are back.  Unchecked, they have devastated many of my new plantings in one night. For slug control,  I prefer hunting them down at night with a headlamp. The first night I find many.   The second night I find less.  And my the third and forth nights, I usually only find a few.

Slug control


These sessions usually only take 5–10 minutes, and make a serious dent in the slug population.  I actually like being in the garden at night under the barely visible stars so it is a good excuse to get some fresh air.  It is also nice to be able to observe the garden at night.  Things look so different covered with dew.  It is peaceful in the cool, quiet of the garden, except for the movements of those darn slugs!

Slugs in my hand


When I am unable to go out with the headlamp to collect slugs, I instead sprinkle Sluggo around the new vulnerable plantings.  I have found this to help until the grains get soggy from rain or overhead watering.


Cute slug hiding


I may be the only one to say so, but I find the slugs beautiful.  They each seem to be differently colored than the others.  Some have grey, brown, or pale coloration.  Many have stripes, speckles, or spots.  I am always surprised how I am able to appreciate the physical attributes of slimy guys.