In most services listed below, Earthly Arts uses an extensive collection of digital photographs to show clients good examples of recommended plant species for each garden. Sequoiah compiles photos of all plants in her designs onto a CD for the clients to view and keep.



Consultation $95 per hour (2 hour minimum)
Garden Coaching and Teaching $95 per hour (2 hour minimum)
Design $80 per hour.
Design and Installation Prices vary (
Aesthetic and Fruit Tree Pruning $80 per hour.
Garden Maintenance Not accepting new clients

At Earthly Arts we believe in the transformative power of ecological design systems for gardening and land use. We strive to make the best design decisions for our clients, as well as our insect, aviary, and animal residents of the garden.

In order to do so, we select the best performing varieties and cultivars for the solar, soil, and environmental conditions.  By doing this, we can often avoid the need for  even “natural” and “organic” products to deter pests or plant diseases.  By building healthy soils and ecosystems, we raise strong annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees that will give us the beauty, habitat, or food production that we are seeking.

Sequoiah is very careful to consider the clients’ tastes, desires, and needs.  She also has a strong understanding of practicality, budget, and long-term care and maintenance of a garden.  Sequoiah enjoys working with a wide variety of clients and garden ideas.