Design and Installation at Earthly Arts

Earthly Arts would be delighted to transform your property into a beautiful and useful space for you and your family.  A well planned garden can provide year round enjoyment with added benefits such as outdoor seating and entertaining, food production, wildlife habitat, cut flower gardens, and fragrance.  Plants are selected for screening, possible edible treats, color of foliage and flower and fruit, and long-term health and vigor.  They may also provide nectar for butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects. 

Due to her years of experience and observation, Sequoiah is able to envision correct plant and tree spacing to meet long term goals.  It is important to understand how the light changes over time as trees grow and shrubs fill in.  She also understands the different rates of plant growth so that faster growing species can be chosen when an immediate screen is needed.

In addition to planting, we also install drip irrigation systems, low voltage lighting, fountains, stone paths and patios set in decomposed granite. However, we do not install the following “hardscape” items: lawns, fences, cement, structural walls, ponds, mortared pathways and patios, decks, bricks, or hard sprinkler systems. Prices vary depending on the scope of the project, so estimates are provided.