Don't you want to grow yours like this?Sequoiah provides consultations at the rate of $95 per hour with a two hour minimum.

Garden consultation is Sequoiah’s specialty.  Consultations may be on nearly any garden topic including: landscape design, plant identification, instructions on plant care and maintenance, water use issues, water catchment and graywater systems, composting, natural pest control, plant health issues, pruning tutorials, special needs of families with small children, advice for do-it-yourselfers …  Consultations are especially useful to new homeowners who may not know how to care for the garden, what the plants are named, or how to make decisions about prioritizing plant changes.

Many consultations are accomplished in two hours.  The end result is the homeowner or renter feeling empowered with new information or ideas on their topics of choice.  A natural teacher, Sequoiah will help you understand your garden and infuse you with her knowledge, enthusiasm, and creativity.  At the end of the consultation, Sequoiah will leave you with her handwritten notes from the meeting.

Consulting a garden professional in the beginning can save wasted time and money on unsuccessful plantings.  A meeting with Sequoiah can inform you of how to buy or make what you need in the most economical, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally sound way.  By choosing appropriate plant varieties for our climate and soils, she will guide you into caring for your new plants.