DSC_0092 Sequoiah loves working with individuals/families as a garden mentor. Sometimes people lose their enthusiasm for creating or tending their own garden because of a lack of success with the plantings. A garden coach can help identify what is needed to help the garden succeed. Nearly any topic from plant propagation, to composting, to planting bed layout can be covered. Whether you need someone to show you how to dig and plant, install a drip irrigation system, build a compost bin, or care for your fruit trees, Sequoiah can explain and demonstrate techniques and work side-by-side with you to get your garden to thrive. These services apply to both ornamental landscapes as well as edible gardens.

Sequoiah provides garden coaching at the rate of $95 per hour with a two hour minimum for individuals/small families. She is also available to provide garden coaching to groups and communities. Please contact Sequoiah for group pricing for teaching/coaching.

Sequoiah periodically teaches classes in her own garden which she posts on her blog as well as her Earthly Arts Facebook page.