TestimonialsWorking with Sequoiah is a pleasure and an inspiration.  She understands what I want and what my garden needs. Her sense of design and knowledge of plants has turned my patio garden into a magical place.”

~ Lee Bevis, Berkeley

• •     •

Ten years after designing and installing my garden, Sequoiah has continued lovingly caring for my plants. She is incredibly knowledgeable, has a brilliant plant palate, and beautifully prunes my plants and trees. Moreover, she is a bright and shining person to work with and a pleasure to be around.”

~ Amber G, Berkeley

• •     •

When I asked Berkeley Horticultural Nursery for a garden designer, Sequoiah’s name was at the top of the list.  I have been so thrilled with her work that I have asked her to design and maintain three different gardens over the last seven years.  Sequoiah is a brilliant and truly gifted artist in the garden.  Perennial beds are always filled with unique textures, colors, and shapes, and her container gardens are breathtaking.  Once created, they are easy to maintain over the years.”

~ Tanya Goldsmith, Oakland

• •     •

Sequoiah has been working in our garden now for over three years and she has patiently and lovingly transformed our tiny backyard into a beautiful, leafy, exotic space.  I see her magic everywhere, in the small but beautiful details that only someone passionate about their work could create.  She works quickly, quietly, and is completely reliable and dependable.  Her rates are very reasonable.  Sequoiah is also a wonderful person who we feel very fortunate to have in our lives.
~ Wendy Morrison and Bruce Cohen

• •     •

Sequoiah transformed a barren wasteland into a vibrant landscape of color and shape. Walking through it or relaxing in one of the several outdoor sanctuaries she designed, I feel like I’m in a work of art — there’s always something new to discover, something beautiful to rest your eyes upon. Knowing my love for the theatre, Sequoiah made the perfect selection of bold and dramatic plants and put them together in striking combinations, yet managed to create an overall harmony that calms and soothes. And the bonus is, even I can maintain it with a minimum of care!”

~ Valerie de Jose, El Cerrito

• •     •

I was very impressed with Sequoiah’s bredth and depth of plant knowledge and garden design. She was able to easily identify and diagnose troubled areas such as plant disease, beautifully prune and shape our fruit and ornamental trees, and effectively design spaces that have enhansed the beauty of our landscape. I cannot imagine receiving consultation from another plant and garden expert.”

~ Kristen Blake, Oakland