Sequoiah Wachenheim. Photo by Monique Ferris

“The decision to create a garden is one of the most direct environmental decisions we can make in our urban lives. We have an opportunity to create wildlife habitat, to grow our own organic produce, or to bring beauty into a neighborhood that really needs it.” Sequoiah

 Granddaughter of the late horticulturist TV personality Norvell Gillespie, Sequoiah Wachenheim found a passion for gardening at an early age. She was given responsibility for her own garden plot at age 7, where she fell enamored with the joys of growing and harvesting her own tomatoes, corn, and edible flowers. Many years later, after receiving her BA in Creative Arts and her specialist certificate from Merritt College in Landscape Design and Construction; she founded Earthly Arts in 1998. Being a life long environmentalist and artist, she looked for a profession that combined ecological principles with a strong sense of design. Sequoiah enjoys sharing her knowledge and excitement for plants and imparts many clients with the confidence to experience the wonder of tending a garden. She creates spaces that are not only beautiful and captivating, but also provide food, wildlife habitat, or flowers for the hearth.

Sequoiah strives toward sound ecological practices. This includes choosing appropriate plantings for the soil, climate, and solar exposure of each site, and then building color and textural palattes that work well in a given setting. Earthly Arts gardens vary greatly in style according to the needs and taste of the client, as well as the pre-existing conditions.